Helping You Bake The Perfect Cheesecake With Our Cheesecake Pan!

The Cheesecake Moat

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This is the cheesecake pan that helps you bake the perfect cheesecake - every time!

Included in your shipment is your CheesecakeMoat and Chef Corky’s famous cheesecake recipe!

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The Cheesecake Moat helps you bake a perfect cheesecake: no cracking through the cake, the perfect crust – not moist or soggy at all (in fact a soggy crust is impossible with the Moat).

If you’re going to bake a number of cheesecakes in the course of your lifetime, the purchase of the Cheesecake Moat is a fantastic investment! (What is $30 bucks for a lifetime of great cheesecakes?)

You can bake cheesecakes that look and taste like they’re from the Cheesecake Factory – and you don’t have to tell your friends your secret. :)

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